You're a perception master. You sometimes even see things that aren't there. The only reason you'd take this perk is if you're eternally paranoid about thieves with S classed sneak. And you should be. They're FUCKING INVISIBLE. So, level this up and be the most useless guard in any other situation as everyone else is rocking hardmode weapons around you. You're also the biggest killjoy when it comes to hidden switches. You wanna ruin a party? Get S classed perception.


S:You are capable of hearing people who move silently and also of seeing through disguises as long as you are close enough. You can also see hidden switches after a bit of searching.

A:You are capable of hearing somebody walking softly no matter the occasion and can spot hidden switches after much searching as long as you are close.

B: You are capable of hearing someone walk softly when there is little noise and you are close. You cannot find hidden switches.